Virtual New Parent Groups

Being a new parent is a special experience. Join a tribe to walk through it with you. We are here to connect, support, and build community to better navigate modern parenthood. 

The first Virtual Mom Groups launch October 1st. Virtual Dad Tribes are coming soon! 


The Fight for National Paid Family Leave

States that currently have access to Paid Family Leave. #wecandobetter

Do you agree all working Americans should have access to Paid Family Leave? 

02. Strengthen families by offering a simple way for parents to connect and build community through our Virtual New Parent Groups. 

03. Share resources from top educators to help new parents better navigate modern parenthood. 

04. Inspire companies, big and small, to assess how Family-Friendly their culture is.

05. Co-create with company leadership teams, corporate programs and policies that help all parents feel more supported at work. 

06. Affect the future in a positive way for working Americans with small children. From bringing more community in your day-to-day life, to causing significant change in the way work and family coexist. 

Donate and support MOM as we lobby those in power to get National Paid Family Leave passed!

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