Marketing Services

In just one session, we can provide a continuous stream of compelling images for social media to engage consumers and expand your reach.
Our services:
. Deliver high quality editorial and promotional photography
. Maximize resources while increasing content productivity
. Provide rights free access to talented, award-winning photographers and real-life talent

For a video to make an impact it must tell a story, we specialize in creating the story.
Our process:
. Is defined by our objective: "We create content people can relate to."
. Creates visual storyboards to outline the creative process and connect with the target audience
. Finishes with premium post-production including: enhanced editing, color correction, light contouring and layering to create an elite product that makes people want to buy and share
We have an unrivalled knowledge of driving event based activations that reach new moms.
Our core competencies:
. Leverage our expansive experience in event activation and brand integration
. Create genuine connections with consumers
. Result in brand recognition and awareness (that's accountable and measurable)
In 2017 alone we promoted events for over 10,000 attendees, driving countless impressions for each of our partners.
How we bring your brand to life:
. Sampling and sales opportunities
. Collateral inclusion (brochures, stickers, branded give-a-ways, etc)
. On-site exposure (signage, database sign-ups, etc)
We work with the best mom influencers. Our network can take a campaign and make it win with main stream consumers.
We get your brand in front of Moms by:
. Sharing our understanding how to engage with the different "Mom" audiences
. Monitoring and studying hundreds of influencers across different industries, analyzing what is working most effectively, least effectively and how we can adapt
. Keeping content authentic and tailoring messages so they help Moms grow personally and professionally and feel good about themselves
We bring Moms the best deals in town via our local Dream Discount Book. We love working in local communities with the small businesses that help make "MomLife" even more easy and fun.
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