Because let’s be real, a lot of the support in the past hasn’t been balanced between moms and dads. And we’re out to change that. We want to support the family as a whole, and we love that the resources below feel the same. 

Working Dad

Danny Lesslie, Coach

For the past decade I have been coaching athletes and individuals in the areas of fitness and personal development. Becoming a father has been the greatest blessing and challenge as many of you probably know. I began Dadswagger to bring my focus to fathers, as we are integral in the stability of the family unit and thus our communities. Providing community for fathers, a platform for fathers to share their stories, and resources for fathers has been my focus. I have worked with fathers around the globe, whether it be coaching or connecting them with other fathers. Very soon I will release our first online course for new dads, which will begin a new chapter and provide another resource for dads to expand their knowledge base.

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