SD Chapter

We are the village of working Moms supporting each other in business and life. Moms on Maternity is about rocking Maternity Leave. Our village is full of fun, knowledgeable, and like-minded Mamas.

In the village, working Moms help each other raise their babies and inspire each other to climb mountains and pioneer new ground at work and at home. We value play and host non-traditional village parties to celebrate our shared successes and unleash creativity.

We applaud businesses with strong family leave programs and those with working Mothers in leadership roles.



I started Moms on Maternity shortly after having my second son. My desire was to connect with other like-minded moms who were also on maternity leave (or who would be soon) to talk babies, children, health, and careers.

I knew I was lucky, as I was being supported by my employer, while on Maternity Leave, but so many don't have this benefit. So I created Moms on Maternity to promote the importance of employer-supported maternity leave to allow moms to bond with their babies and find support navigating motherhood in the workplace.

San Diego Events

Aimee Sando Cruz