NY Chapter

We are the village of working Moms supporting each other in business and life. Moms on Maternity is about rocking Maternity Leave. Our village is full of fun, knowledgeable, and like-minded Mamas.

In the village, working Moms help each other raise their babies and inspire each other to climb mountains and pioneer new ground at work and at home. We value play and host non-traditional village parties to celebrate our shared successes and unleash creativity.

We applaud businesses with strong family leave programs and those with working Mothers in leadership roles.



Amanda Winston is working mom, graduate student, and lifestyle vlogger who is eager to lead the New York chapter of Moms on Maternity. Though initially feeling isolated and confused, she found much comfort in the on-line communities she joined after bringing her son home. She decided to lead the New York chapter out of a desire to create a supportive network of other mothers and offer helpful and engaging events that equip them as they balance work and motherhood.


New York Events